What to expect from our Discovery Day

Not sure what to expect from our Discovery Day? Say no more! Here's a quick run through for you...


Here at Lucky Gecko, we’ve never strayed from the idea that learning should be fun, and that kids are more likely to achieve if they are happy and confident. Our Discovery Day is no different. Your child will take part in a whole host of games and activities - from physical coordination exercises to word games; model building to cracking codes - all designed to challenge different skills and help to identify their natural strengths. They’ll then be put into their very own pirate crew which will work together to find where we’ve hidden our treasure.

INFORMATIVE… for you and your child.

While the kids are having fun, we’ll be paying close attention to where each individual flourishes. We believe that there are lots of different types of intelligence, all of which are incredibly valuable. We’ll start to identify each child’s unique skill set and help them to see their own strengths. You’ll also get an email after the session with individual feedback on how you can use our findings to help your child at school and beyond. Knowledge is power, and understanding how your child learns can really help them to overcome problems and give a fabulous boost in…


We want children to be armed with the knowledge of their own talents so that they can be brave in the face of things which they find more difficult. We will show them that intelligence comes in all sorts of forms and isn’t restricted to the things they’ll find on their next SATs test. Maybe they’re brilliant at understanding how people feel, or persuading people to join in with things? That “interpersonal intelligence” is an incredibly valuable skill which will get them a long way in the real world (and see them appointed Captain of a Lucky Gecko pirate crew!). Or maybe they’ve got amazing coordination and physical skills (“bodily-kinesthetic intelligence”)? They may not even realise that’s something which can be seen as a type of intelligence, so imagine the boost they’ll get when we point it out to them and they become our ship’s highly valued Boatswain. By changing the language we use, and teaching kids to think differently and value every part of themselves, we can help them to face any challenge head-on.

So, what are you waiting for? Email hello@luckygecko.com now to reserve your child’s place and let’s see what they can achieve with a little self-belief filling their sails.