Well hello there!

Welcome to a brand new chapter for Lucky Gecko.

Some of you may already know us from our previous incarnation as Lucky Gecko Tuition, while others may be new to the party. However you found us, we’re delighted you could make it!

For those of you that don’t know, we’ve used our 12 years of tuition expertise and experience to develop a range of monthly educational subscription boxes for children. Just imagine that we’ve taken our tutors, squished them and mashed them and squeezed them into boxes (metaphorically, of course… far too messy otherwise), ready to be posted out to you at home. All of that knowledge, inspiration and passion sent straight to you, every month.

We’re now officially open for business so, if you think your child would benefit from a delivery of bona fide Lucky Gecko inspiration, motivation and education each month, head on over to our boxes page and see which one you think will best suit them.

We’re so excited to finally share this new project with you and can’t wait to get back to doing what we do best – making learning fun.

Thanks for popping in!

Team Gecko