HIYA Bucks

Well, we've got some exciting news! We've been asked to write a regular educational blog for the wonderful HIYA Bucks magazine and their shiny new website. If you live in the Buckinghamshire area, it's well worth a look. Not only will it have all sorts of educational advice and guidance from us, the site is jam-packed with local events, businesses, reviews and articles. It's truly the place to go for all things Buckinghamshire! Check out our first blog post here, but then carry on and have a nose to see what else you can find!

Oh, and if you're not in Bucks, take a look at the blog anyway. There'll be loads of general, sensible advice regarding tutoring and work you can do to help your child outside of the classroom. There's plenty there which will be of interest to any parent, regardless of where you live (even if we do say so ourselves...!)